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L'immagine è la copertina del testo di riferimento sulle lenti intraoculari (IOL) per la correzione dei difetti visivi.

Premium and refractive intraocular lenses: art and science

High Tech intraocular lenses for presbyopia’s correction associated with cataract.. This is a reference document about the Premium intraocular lenses for the correction of myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia and presbyopia. Dr. Badalà is the author of a chapter about the High Tech intraocular lenses to eliminate presbyopia associated with the cataract.

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Customized cataract refractive surgery

Course on cataract surgery with a refractive goal, using the High Tech lens (intraocular lens customizable with light). Dr. Badalà holds this course together with the most influential cataract surgery experts. Some of the topics will be the most common indications for using High Tech lens and the latest news […]

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Cataract – first ten cases implanted in Milan

It substitues the opaque lens and is “molded” to correct myopia or other problems. A photosensitive lens against small defects. The very first italian implants of lenses customizable with a ray of light, in place of the opaque lens after cataract surgery, are being performed in Milan, at the S. […]

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Cataract, perfect vision with High Tech lens

The custom made High Tech lens debuts in Italy at the San Giuseppe Hospital in Milan, to replace the lens made opaque by cataract and guarantee a perfect vision without glasses. After the implant, it is possible to remodel the lens simply using a ray of light, with no other […]

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Cataract: first “customizable” implant

ROME. A High Tech lens completely customizable that once implanted inside the eye can be modified with light in order to properly adapt to every patient’s needs, offering a high definition vision. The most modern technological innovation for replacing the opaque lens when speaking about cataract removal, has been implanted […]

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Cataract: High Tech lens debuts in Milan

An high-tech lens entirely personalized that, if implanted in the eye, can be modified with light to adapt itself at the patient’s needs, allowing a high definition vision. The most recent technologic innovation for the replacement of opaque lens in cataract’s removal was implanted today for the first time in […]

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