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Cataract, perfect vision with High Tech lens

The custom made High Tech lens debuts in Italy at the San Giuseppe Hospital in Milan, to replace the lens made opaque by cataract and guarantee a perfect vision without glasses. After the implant, it is possible to remodel the lens simply using a ray of light, with no other […]

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Cataract: first “customizable” implant

ROME. A High Tech lens completely customizable that once implanted inside the eye can be modified with light in order to properly adapt to every patient’s needs, offering a high definition vision. The most modern technological innovation for replacing the opaque lens when speaking about cataract removal, has been implanted […]

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LASEK and eye drops

Ocular Surface and pain after LASEK surgery: indo versus fluorometholone eye drops effects This study compares several therapies after myopia, astigmatism and hypermetropia laser surgery. Myopia surgery can be followed by pain for a few days; here, different therapies to minimize discomfort after eye laser surgery are compared.

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