Maculopathy: EyeMax, the New Therapy


EyeMax is the latest great innovation in maculopathy therapy. EyeMax is an intraocular lens that improves the vision of those suffering from maculopathy by projecting high-quality images over the entire peripheral macula. In maculopathy, central vision is ruined but lateral vision is usually preserved . EyeMax moves the images laterally allowing the patient to make the most of his full visual potential . Here are the details on how this innovative maculopathy therapy works that we helped develop together with colleagues in London and Murcia.

Dott. Federico Badalà - Microchirugia Oculare

Doctor Federico Badalà

Eye Specialist Expert in Micro Ocular Surgery

From USA he brought to Italy Innovative Eye Surgery in the field of Cornea, Cataract, Glaucoma and Maculopathy.