Recensione Intervento di FemtoLASIK
Loren Bido , Genoa (Casarza Ligure)
Votazione: Eccellente

La recensione rilasciata da Loren Bido sull'Intervento di FemtoLASIK per Astigmatism e Hypermetropia eseguito dal dott. Badalà

Solution: FemtoLASIK

    I underwent FemtoLASIK for astigmatism seven months ago. Laser treatment was fast and painless.

    My vision has improved immediately after surgery. On post-op. day 1 I could see very well and I got back to my every day routine with minimal discomfort for just one/two days. This is a dream that comes true after an entire life with glasses.

    My FemtoLASIK has been a 100% success. The competence and passion of doctor Badalà and his team are exceptional.