Recensione Intervento di PRK
Alessandro Ciccazzo , Syracuse (Floridia)
Votazione: Eccellente

La recensione rilasciata da Alessandro Ciccazzo sull'Intervento di PRK per Astigmatism e Myopia eseguito dal dott. Badalà

Solution: PRK

    Last month I underwent surgery to correct myopia (-5.50), and a slight astigmatism, by PRK laser technology.

    The operation lasted about 20 minutes for both eyes and it was totally painless.

    I immediately realized that I have recovered my eyesight, although, during the first days after surgery, it appeared a little blurry.

    As for the post-operative recovery, I can say that, apart from the first days when I felt some slight discomfort, I had no problems and I almost immediately resumed my daily activities.

    One of the things that amazed me most was to ensure, through following follow-ups (the day after surgery), the full and immediate recovery of eyesight.

    I suggest this treatment to anyone with my same problem, considering the results I obtained and the almost absence of post-operative symptoms.