Corneal: Insurance approved Laser & treatments

    Corneal transplant surgery with private insurance

    Corneal transplant surgery can be performed in convention with the most important insurance companies, supplementary funds and health funds.

    Some insurance companies consider a direct payment for health services, with no obligations for its patients; some others consider an indirect assistance.
    In this case, the patient gets a refund after providing the invoices for the services.

    We have conventions available with the following insurance companies:

    Corneal transplant surgery via ASL

    Cataract surgery can be performed via the National Health Service (SSN) or ASL (Local Health Center).

    This kind of surgery have waiting lists that can request even a few months, based on the transplant center. Dr. Badalà performs all corneal transplant surgeries in convention with the SSN in Milan. Artificial corneal transplant or Boston Keratoprosthesis can only be requested in convention with private insurances.