Keratoconus: Insurance approved Laser & treatments

Keratoconus cross linking surgery and corneal transplant with private insurance

Keratoconus cross linking surgery and corneal transplant can be performed in convention with the main Insurance Companies, Supplementary and Health Funds.
Every insurance company has its prices and refunds.

Some insurance companies consider a direct payment for health services, with no obligations for its patients; some others consider an indirect assistance.
In this case, the patient gets a refund after providing the invoices for the services.
We have conventions available with the following insurance companies:

Keratoconus cross linking surgery and corneal transplant with ASL

Dr Badalà does not perform the keratoconus cross linking surgery via the National Health Service (SSN) or ASL (Local Health Service).

Corneal transplant surgery can be performed via ASL in Milan. The other keratoconus surgeries like keratoconus laser and the minimally invasive one with INTACTS are not performed via SSN or ASL.

Leonardo Castiglione, Trapani

Votazione: Eccellente
I turned to Dr. Badala because I saw blurry and split images and he diagnosed me with keratoconus.

A few months later I underwent corneal transplant and after surgery didn’t have to wear a bandage, nor I felt partic... Keep on reading this reviewular pain or discomfort.

The view has immediately improved and I started some activities like watching television or using the computer. After a month I was able to play sports.

I suggest this surgery because I solved the problem and I was fine; both in Catania and in Milan I found experienced, helpful and kind people.