Keratoconus: Insurance approved Laser & treatments

Keratoconus cross linking surgery and corneal transplant with private insurance

Keratoconus cross linking surgery and corneal transplant can be performed in convention with the main Insurance Companies, Supplementary and Health Funds.
Every insurance company has its prices and refunds.

Some insurance companies consider a direct payment for health services, with no obligations for its patients; some others consider an indirect assistance.
In this case, the patient gets a refund after providing the invoices for the services.
We have conventions available with the following insurance companies:

Keratoconus cross linking surgery and corneal transplant with ASL

Dr Badalà does not perform the keratoconus cross linking surgery via the National Health Service (SSN) or ASL (Local Health Service).

Corneal transplant surgery can be performed via ASL in Milan. The other keratoconus surgeries like keratoconus laser and the minimally invasive one with INTACTS are not performed via SSN or ASL.

Dan Boca, Romania (Cluj-Napoca)

Votazione: Eccellente
Problem: Keratoconus
I recently (about two weeks ago) underwent corneal transplant surgery for my right eye which has been affected by keratoconus for over 10 years. I have chosen to have this intervention done abroad and I reached Dr. Badal... Keep on reading this reviewa.

I was calm a few days before the surgery, but when the day came I got quite nervous, but I lost this feeling once the procedure began under local anesthesia. I couldn't see or feel anything during surgery, which was my initial concern. I did feel some pain during the first night after the anesthetic started to wear off, but the next days I only felt a minor discomfort.

My vision was extremely poor before the transplant, I could barely count my fingers and did not see any letters on the vision chart.

The same day of surgery I could already see much better.  Just one week after surgery my vision without glasses improved to 4/10.

I can say that Dr. Badala and his staff were very polite, patient, helpful and have a professional attitude. I am grateful for everything they have done! For me there was really  nothing unsatisfying during this whole experience.

I wouldn’t have second thoughts to contact Dr. Badala in case of any other eye problem or intervention I would need.