Medical therapy

For dry senile maculopathy, cure is based upon slowing down an additional retinal degeneration with specific precautions and nutritive helpers (scientific data suggest a diminished retinal deterioration).

  • Use sunglasses able to cut wavelenghts that are less than 500nm, that is a part of the visible blue and all ultraviolet radiations (A and B).
  • Avoid situations that could promote retinal bleeding, like smoking, rubbing the eyes and anticoagulants or ematic fluidizers (if truly necessary, use the minimum dosage).
  • Vitamin supplements: vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc.
  • Foods with antioxidants, carotenoids and polyunsaturated fat acids like cabbage, carrots, all green vegetables..

Not to take in case of:

  • Kidney stones (high vitamin C dosage can precipitate stones)
  • Diabetes (vitamin E and selenium can increase infections and vitamin C in high dosage could interfere with glycemia dosage)
  • Gout, arteriosclerosis (vitamin C can interfere with concentrations of uric acid and cholesterol dosages)
  • Scheduled test to look for blood in urine or feces (could result in a false positive)
  • Coagulation anomalies (vitamin E could alter vitamin K, increasing anticoagulants effects)
  • Anemia