Review Intervention with PRK


Patient's problem: Myopia

Solution: PRK

Marco Sicurella


Micro Chirurgia Oculare

I had laser surgery for myopia a week ago, it lasted about 10 minutes per eye. The surgery, PRK in my case, was absolutely painless , I didn't feel any kind of pain either before the surgery or after the surgery. The only unpleasant sensation was the first two days: a moment of discomfort and not pain, as some might believe. Starting from the third day I already felt a feeling of normality. I noticed the improvement in my vision already after the operation , I already had the first sensation of vision without glasses. I had a myopia of 3 diopters and I didn't have any problems right away , so much so that I moved around the city with extreme ease. I would absolutely recommend this type of intervention whether for sporting reasons, in my case competitive, or for any other reason, perhaps even just because you can't stand glasses. The surgery is a feeling of extreme freedom right from the start, I recommend it to everyone. Watch the video with the testimony of Mr. Marco Sicurella