Review Intervention with PRK

Patient's problem: Myopia

Solution: PRK

Paolo Marchesoni


Micro Chirurgia Oculare

I am 29 years old and have been suffering from myopia since the age of 15. Last summer, after consulting Dr. Badala I chose to undergo laser surgery for myopia . I was operated on using the PRK technique at the end of October: the surgery itself lasted less than 30 seconds per eye and was painless. The entire medical team was very professional and made me feel at ease both before and during the operation. On the day of the surgery, as recommended by the doctor, I remained completely at rest; the day following the check-up I was happy to see that I was already able to see well . I only had discomfort, such as burning, on the second day after the operation; from the third time onwards this annoyance diminished more and more until it disappeared. After a week I was able to go back to work and play sports. His vision improved steadily week after week, until he fully recovered after the third. I highly recommend the operation, because the possibility of no longer having to use glasses or contact lenses is fantastic!