Review Intervention with PRK

Patient's problem: Myopia

Solution: PRK

Terranova Manual

Rosolini (Sr)

Micro Chirurgia Oculare

I have been short-sighted since the age of 12 and ever since then I couldn't wait to reach the right age for the surgery, as I played sports every day and the glasses were really uncomfortable. At the age of 24 I met Dr. Federico Badalà, a very knowledgeable and kind ophthalmologist. Dr. Badalà, honoring the category to which he belongs, allowed me to achieve the goal I had hoped for, that is, eliminating glasses. I had a myopia of -5.0 diopters in each eye and after 40 days of PRK surgery in both eyes I have a vision of 10/10; I totally recovered my sight! The operation itself is not painful, but rather annoying in the phase in which the epithelium is removed, and in the phase following the laser in which there is a jet of liquid. Immediately after getting up from the bed I could already see well although slightly blurred. The most annoying days were about 2/3 in which I had discomfort from the light. After a week , when the protective lens is removed, you return to ordinary life and, with due care in following the doctor's post-operative therapy, you will undoubtedly obtain an excellent result. I conclude by recommending to everyone the PRK surgery I underwent, but I wholeheartedly recommend the professional Dr. Badalà, a competent and pragmatic doctor; with the hope that all patients can be satisfied with every doctor as I have been.