Maculopathy: reading again with iolAMD


July 2014 – London. Press conference about iolAMD, the new intraocular lens that allows patients with maculopathy to read again.

Dr Badalà co-operates with London Eye Hospital for the development of this intraocular lens to cure cataract and maculopathy altogether.

The intraocular lens showed today in London, enlarges the images and moves them from the damagedmacula to the healthy retina. This way, patients with maculopathy can improve their reading ability. Furthermore, this lens, compared to the other intraocular lenses, allows a minimally invasive surgery and quicker recovery.

Dr. Badalà and Dr. Qureshi showed the results of the first 100 surgeries performed with this new technique. Some patients reported their experience.


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