Review Intervention with Artificial corneal transplant


Patient's problem: Corneal diseases

Solution: Artificial corneal transplant

Ritual Moldavia


Micro Chirurgia Oculare

One month after the artificial cornea transplant in my left eye, I thank Dr. Badala enormously because I could hardly see anymore, nothing, I couldn't do anything anymore and now I can see. The surgery went very well, I felt very comfortable, I had no pain after the surgery . On the same day of the operation when you came to check me at 8pm I think, when you unwrapped me I immediately saw the neon again. All I did was say thank you doctor, thank you thank you thank you! During this month I had absolutely no problems, only sometimes a little discomfort from the eye drops but then I managed to do almost all the things I used to do when I could see a little , so I tidied up my wardrobe, I looked at everyone my clothes, jewelry. I was able to do almost everything I did before, I even managed to walk a little on my own! Thank you doctor, thank you very much and also thank the person who invented the artificial cornea. Thank you very much doctor, thank you thank you thank you! Watch the video with the review by Mrs. Rita Moldavio