Trifocal Intraocular Lens


Cataract surgery with the new intraocular trifocal lenses, performed in Milan and Catania, can free you from glasses.
We’re one of the few centers in Italy that uses the nre intraocular trifocal lenses that offer clear vision for every distance, with a good contrast sensitivity and collateral effects that are almost non existent.

uomo-donna-sorriso-mareOld generation intraocular multifocal lenses provide a clear vision for far and near vision, but are not able to provide such clarity for mid-distance vision (e.g. computer, car dashboard, etc.) and can lead to visual disturbances such as dazzle phenomena or halos around lights, especially driving at night.

The new trifocal lenses offer an optimal vision for mid-distance vision as well (e.g. computer, car dashboard, objects located at 60-80cm) with almost non existent collateral effects such as halos around light sources at night.

This lens allows patients to always be able to focus on objects located at all distances. Studies show that there is a superior vision performance of trifocal intraocular lenses for mid-distance vision and overall mage quality after cataract surgery.

Visual Performance

Exceptional Mid-distance Vision

The intraocular trifocal lens greatly improves mid-distance vision, allowing patients to feel at ease when performing activities that require mid-distance vision such as using the computer or focus on objects located at 60-80cm.

visione-intermedia-eccezionale1 visione-intermedia-eccezionale2





High resolution in every light condition.

The intraocular trifocal lens produces high resolution images for every distance and under every light condition. You’ll be able to move from object to object, located at different distances, without having to use glasses.

Intraocular Trifocal Lenses are better than Multifocal Lenses at Mid-distance vision.

This becomes evident when compare with the old multifocal lenses performance.


Intraocular trifocal lenses guarantee a superior visual performance for mid-distance sight even under low light conditions.

Visione da Lontano

Far Vision

Visione Intermedio

Mid-distance Vision

Visione da Vicino

Near Vision

U.S. Air Force Resolution Target Test (AFT) for trifocal lens, for near, mid-distance and far sight, with a 3.0mm pupil. Even a low light condition produces effects on the incredible image quality achieved with trifocal lenses at any distance.


Sebastiana Finocchiaro, Catania

Votazione: Eccellente
I had big problems due to cataract and high myopia (-20) with astigmatism (-2.0) in both eyes. So, a year ago, I underwent the crystalline lens replacement surgery with intraocular lens implantation.

I often did not r... Keep on reading this reviewecognize, at short distance, the faces of people I met and even contact lenses could not improve my vision (I wore them all day but they gave me a considerable discomfort to the eyes).

Now I see very well without glasses. I need them only to read closely, bust just for small letters. I see 10/10 from distance and I easily drive at night.

Sure, before surgery, I had so much anxiety, but with a slight sedation I was able to collaborate, by staring at the light the Doctor suggested me to look during surgery. I was assisted well in all phases of the operation. After about ten minutes I got back to my feet and I immediately see well from the operated eye without glasses.

I underwent surgery in the right eye at first and, two days later, in the left eye. Before the complete recover, I observed a short period of rest, I carefully followed the treatment with eye drops and I wore a protective shell at night.

For me a new life has started: I do not have to wear those heavy glasses or annoying contact lenses, which need a careful maintenance. Sure it is not easy to stay awake and collaborate during surgery, but the sureness of being operated by experienced hands helps very much.