Review Intervention with Corneal transplant


Patient's problem: Corneal diseases

Solution: Corneal transplant, DMEK Corneal Endothelium Transplant, Endothelial Cell Transplantation

Giancarla Bindi

Asciano (SI)

Micro Chirurgia Oculare

Five days after the DMEK cornea transplant for cornea guttata I can say in disbelief that I did not feel any pain either during or after the operation. The eye has always been perfect, I have never felt pain , just a small annoyance but nothing important, I never imagined not feeling anything as I have felt nothing. Four days after the transplant, in the morning I took my cell phone and I was speechless because I finally saw the black numbers, whereas before the surgery they had been grey. Before the transplant there were no colors for me and now I looked at the WhatsApp images and the colors were well defined , very distinct, a feeling that I had now erased, and this in just a few days. It was an unexpected surprise! Thanks thanks thanks! I would recommend this surgery to anyone who suffers from cornea guttata like me one thousand percent and without any doubt! In fact , I'm anxiously waiting to operate on the other eye too. Thanks to Dr. Badalà and congratulations! Watch the video with the testimony of Mrs. Giancarla Bindi