Recensione Intervento di Artificial Corneal Transplant
Vittoria Monza , Milan
Votazione: Eccellente

La recensione rilasciata da Vittoria Monza sull'Intervento di Artificial Corneal Transplant per Diseases Of Cornea, Corneal Neovascularization, Corneal Transplants Failure e Corneal Diseases eseguito dal dott. Badalà

    After an unsuccessful corneal transplant (resulting from a trauma), my right eye was given up for lost. Subsequently I met Dr. Badalà, and he told me that an artificial corneal transplant surgery (Boston Keratoprosthesis) would have restored my sight.

    I had no doubts, in December 2011 I underwent surgery.  During the operation under local anesthesia, I did not feel any pain. I immediately went home at the end of the operation, sure that Dr. Badala would be available at any time.

    The post-operation was without any complication. I immediately went back to my everyday life with some attention (at the time I was 69), happy with my sight back from an eye that I had given up for lost. The only thing to keep in mind is to be extremely scrupulous in following the eye drops treatment and, above all, do not miss the regular follow-ups.

    Dr. Badala is extremely helpful. With his  assistance you do not feel left alone! This point is very important …. And for this reason I’m very grateful.