Review Intervention with Corneal transplant

Patient's problem: Corneal diseases, Keratoconus

Solution: Corneal transplant

Giuseppe Blondi


Micro Chirurgia Oculare

I have had keratoconus in both eyes for about 20 years, when I had a cornea transplant in my right eye with great results, despite pain, tearing and visual difficulty, which lasted about six months. Ten years ago I underwent surgery to insert intrastomal rings (Intacs) in my left eye and to this day I have no problems. In my right eye, after the cornea transplant, I performed several laser operations in order to correct the residual visual defect until, in April 2015, one morning I woke up without seeing anything anymore , only the light and the shadows. At that point I decided to search on the internet and, having learned about Dr. Badala''s career, I decided to have him visit me. I was very satisfied with the diagnostic accuracy, professionalism and care with which Dr. Badala' explained to me the various steps of the corneal transplant operation that he proposed to solve my problems. Without hesitation I decided to have a new corneal transplant operation in my right eye in January 2016. The operation took place under general anesthesia and, to my amazement, half an hour after waking up post-operatively, once the bandage was removed I could see well Dr. Badalà on his face. I was discharged the next day without a bandage and returned home independently by train. It took just 10 days at home from work , unlike the 60 that were needed for the first transplant. About two months have passed since the surgery and from the first days I have always noticed a visual improvement with total absence of pain . In conclusion I can say that while surfing the internet I had the fortune and honor of meeting Dr. Federico Badalà and his team and of experiencing his high professionalism first-hand. My motto in life is that there are no problems but solutions, all it takes is a bit of luck to meet the right person who can solve them for you.