Review Intervention with Conjunctiva transplant

Patient's problem: Corneal diseases

Solution: Conjunctiva transplant, Dermoid removal

Luca Bruscino


Micro Chirurgia Oculare

In mid-March of this year my daughter, who is 9 years old, underwent surgery on her left eye for a dermoid she has had since birth . Dr. Badalà welcomed her with great kindness and empathy, immediately putting her at ease. My wife was very worried because the dermoid had grown in recent months and she was afraid it would affect her vision. Dr. Badalà instead immediately reassured us by telling us that the operation would not only be possible, but also relatively simple. In fact everything went well; the dermoid was successfully removed and the eye regained a normal appearance within a month and a half. Now you wouldn't even think my daughter had surgery. We are fully satisfied on the functional and aesthetic side! We are very grateful to Dr. Badalà and his team for the professionalism and courtesy they have shown us in this process.