Safe and effective corneal transplant: DALK


Replacing damaged cornea respecting the eye anatomy as much as possible..

This is the goal of a new transplant methodology: Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty -DALK. <<Usually, both in keratoconus and corneal scars, the inner corneal layes, the endothelium does not get involved>>, explain Dr. Federico Badalà , ophthalmologist that introduced this methodology in the Ophthalmic Hospital in Milan, after learning it in the United States where he worked for 4 years.


This new surgery is quickly spreading in western countries: how does it work? <> the expert explains. <>. Advantages don’t stop there: <> Dr. Badalà highlights. <>.

With a higher respect for the eye anatomy, this technique guarantees a more homogeneous stable healing: << the consequence is a reduction of the astigmatism occurrences, a typical collateral effect of traditional transplant. Since the transplanted tissue portion has been reduced, so are the chances of rejection. In conclusion, Dalk assures a quick vision recovery and a smaller percentage of rejection and complications. This is definitely a safer procedure.