Laser surgery (LAPR)

Presbyopia surgery is meant to achieve a vision rehabilitation of near objects without having to constantly rely on glasses. There are several techniques and surgical strategies to solve this problem. Correction can be performed changing the corneal curvature or replacing the natural lens.

Corneal correction is achieved with the excimer laser, using all the existing surgical techniques available (i-lasik; lasik; prk; epilasik; lasek).

A more recent method, called Intracor, uses the frmtosecond laser that works in the depths of the corneal structure.

Corneal multifocality is induced so that the eye receive focused images at all distances; the brain can then select based upon their distance

Antonella Scroppo, Catania

Votazione: Eccellente
I underwent Cataract surgery with Multifocal IOL around two months ago. I was hoping to regain the clear vision that I had lost years ago. In addition to cataract I had astigmatism, hypermetropia and presbyopia.

I was... Keep on reading this review welcomed with very warm and professional manners (this is very important considering the little fear everyone has before surgery),  Dr. Badala explained in details what was going to happen during the operation . During surgery, you have to look where the doctor tells and keep still. It is a little effort but it is more than worth it!

After surgery the happiness of seeing everything well, far and near without glasses!

I underwent surgery in my second eye the following day and I recommend  doing so, seeing well with both eyes is excellent !  …and Dr. Badalà is a very professional and human doctor!