Laser surgery (LAPR)

Presbyopia surgery is meant to achieve a vision rehabilitation of near objects without having to constantly rely on glasses. There are several techniques and surgical strategies to solve this problem. Correction can be performed changing the corneal curvature or replacing the natural lens.

Corneal correction is achieved with the excimer laser, using all the existing surgical techniques available (i-lasik; lasik; prk; epilasik; lasek).

A more recent method, called Intracor, uses the frmtosecond laser that works in the depths of the corneal structure.

Corneal multifocality is induced so that the eye receive focused images at all distances; the brain can then select based upon their distance

Isabella Rossi, Colle Brianza (LC)

Votazione: Eccellente
Tired of glasses and contact lenses, I met Dr. Badalà, who, after an accurate exam, suggested laser treatment to correct myopia and astigmatism. What a great choice!

Laser treatment was perfectly successful, fast and... Keep on reading this review painless. It was carried out in a surgical center with high standard equipment.

Dr. Badalà and his team had been very warm and welcoming, before and after the surgery. As fast as two days after surgery I went back to my everyday life with the only inconvenience of placing many eye drops many times a day for a few weeks.

Surgery was over two years ago and since then I’m enjoying great vision and freedom from glasses.
Thanks to Doctor Badalà for his competence and professionalism.