Review Intervention with EyeMax intraocular lens


Patient's problem: Cataract, Macular degeneration

Solution: EyeMax intraocular lens

Carla Falcioni

Domodossola (VB)

Micro Chirurgia Oculare

Suffering from cataracts and maculopathy in my left eye, I decided to undergo surgery with an EyeMax lens implant , the new technique used to treat maculopathy recommended to me by Dr. Federico Badalà. During the surgery, but also afterwards, I did not feel any pain and my vision recovery was optimal. Before the surgery I saw 2/10 while now, with glasses, I see 10/10. I can see very well from afar and also read, something I couldn't do before. Having already lost the sight in my right eye, I was a little hesitant at first but now, after having undergone the operation, I am very satisfied with the result and I definitely recommend it to anyone who suffers from the same problem as me. Watch the video with the testimony of Mrs. Carla Falcioni