Review Intervention with cataract surgery


Patient's problem: Astigmatism, Cataract, Myopia

Solution: Cataract surgery, Curved keratotomy

Robert the Great

Montecchio Maggiore (VI)

Micro Chirurgia Oculare

I had approximately 24 diopters of myopia with 3.50 diopters of astigmatism in each eye. I underwent cataract surgery , correction of myopia and astigmatism first in the left eye and then in the right eye within three days. At the checkup the day after the last surgery my vision is 10/10 without glasses in both eyes. Although I was a little worried because I didn't know what to expect, I didn't feel anything during the surgery , just a slight discomfort from the anesthesia injection. After the operation I had a slight burning sensation when applying the eye drops, a discomfort that went away immediately. In the afternoon I removed the bandage and, despite my vision being a little blurry due to the dilated pupils, I immediately noticed the difference. After three hours my pupils returned to normal and my vision improved significantly. I would recommend this operation with Doctor Badalà because it is not invasive, it is quick, painless and gives excellent results . Watch the video with Mr.'s testimony. Roberto Grandis