Review Intervention with EyeMax intraocular lens


Patient's problem: Macular degeneration

Solution: EyeMax intraocular lens

Sergio Bassi

Cameri (NO)

Micro Chirurgia Oculare

One month after the EyeMax surgery in my right eye my experience is very positive. My life has improved a lot because I'm back to reading newspapers which I couldn't before, I had a crazy amount of effort, watching television calmly even from afar, driving the car well, very well let's say, like I drove it 10 years ago and pouring myself coffee , because before I had problems with depth. Neither before nor after the operation did I feel any pain or discomfort. I would recommend it to anyone with maculopathy because when the other doctors told me: "You'll go blind" I was shocked. With this treatment, however, if it lasts over time, I am very happy. Thank you Dr. Badalà! Watch the video with the testimony of Mr. Sergio Bassi