Recensione Intervento di Corneal Transplant
Luca Formica , Catania
Votazione: Eccellente

La recensione rilasciata da Luca Formica sull'Intervento di Corneal Transplant per Keratoconus eseguito dal dott. Badalà

Problem: Keratoconus

    I met Dr. Badalà with a vision of 20/100 in each eye as a result of advanced Keratoconus. Other doctors did not advice for surgery. In two months I overcome my fear and I underwent corneal transplant surgery.
    Immediately before entrance in the operating room, Dr. Badalà and the nursing team were joking with me, making the atmosphere nice and relaxed. The surgery was under general anesthesia and lasted two hours.
    Upon recovery the eye was a little itchy and burning, anyhow totally bearable. I was dischenged from the hospital the next day without a patch, but wearing a protecting eye shell. The most beautiful thing in my life was getting my vision back 20/30 days after surgery and rediscovering things I had forgotten.
    Today, 5 years after surgeries (I had corneal transplant in both eyes) I have 20/20 vision with a very simple pair of glasses that I use only at night for driving and I see well and enjoy details that I have not seen for a long, long time.
    Obviously, I’m careful with my life but I have a normal life, I do everything I like to do, like play soccer, go biking, go to the gym, play videogames, and so on.
    I’m appreciative of the gift of vision, for which I thank Doctor Badalà and his team.