Review Intervention with Medical Therapy


Patient's problem: Keratoconus

Solution: Medical Therapy

Carmine Rapana


Micro Chirurgia Oculare

I have Keratoconus for which I began medical therapy five months ago and I have changed some of my habits. I no longer rubbed my eye, I performed a therapy with drops morning and evening and I slept with a protective shell or in any case without placing the affected eye on the pillow. Today I find myself with an improved visual situation. I no longer rub my eyes, I sleep with the protective shell and I find myself with significantly improved vision without the need for any intervention in just five months! I came for the visit precisely because of the possibility of having to undergo surgery for keratoconus and today I find myself with keratoconus that has stopped and my vision has improved without any intervention. Thank you Dr. Badala! Watch the video with the testimony of Mr. Carmine Rapanà