Recensione Intervento di Cross Linking
Salvatore Colosi , Messina (Pace del Mela)
Votazione: Eccellente

La recensione rilasciata da Salvatore Colosi sull'Intervento di Cross Linking per Keratoconus eseguito dal dott. Badalà

Problem: Keratoconus
Solution: Cross linking

    I have a disease called keratoconus. I underwent Cross linking in both eyes over a year ago, and it was a simple operation, fast and painless.

    After a few months my visual acuity was already improved of 2/10 in each eye. I am overcoming my problem thanks to this innovative technology, experience, professionalism and humanity of Dr. Badala and his team.

    I suggest  to rely on competent people like Dr. Badala to solve your problem.