EyeMax: The Voice of Patients


EyeMax: How the New Intervention Works

EyeMax is an intraocular lens that works like this: it projects very clear images both at the center of the macula and on its periphery. Those who suffer from Maculopathy usually have the center of the macula damaged, but the periphery of the macula is at least partially functional, so much so that if you look from the side you can see better. The EyeMax lens allows patients to make the most of the periphery of the macula.

EyeMax: from Criticisms to Positive Results

The EyeMax lens responded admirably to the needs of operated patients, some of whom had unfortunately lost all hope of leading a normal life. Not only that, EyeMax has also overcome some initial skepticism, some of which unfortunately resulted in clumsy attempts at defamation. These experiences are the best possible response towards everyone, the detractors, but above all the future patients, who will be able to benefit from the useful stories shared to decide whether to use EyeMax technology. EyeMax is a lens that is implanted inside the eye during cataract surgery or if the patient has already had cataract surgery it can be implanted in addition to the normal lenses inserted inside the eye at the time of the first surgery. Maculopathy surgery with EyeMax does not stop Maculopathy, it only allows you to improve vision in selected cases, which is why it is advisable to always undergo in-depth preliminary evaluation visits at a center specialized in the treatment of Maculopathy. Furthermore, the common therapies based on intravitreal injections of drugs to block the disease must and can be continued both before and after the Maculopathy procedure with EyeMax.

EyeMax: the Word to Patients

We have collected some of the patients' reviews for you in a single video: theirs is a passage from disillusionment… to hope… and then to the joy of the result achieved and the life that changes. As mentioned, the experience of a reference center can help to better understand whether or not the indication for this type of intervention exists and it is for this reason that since 2016 Dr. Badalà has been holding courses at the main European and American congresses on the intervention of EyeMax which we introduced first in Italy in 2016 and which we contributed to developing.